Launch time!

After a few weeks of hard work, Path of the Pixel has finally launched!

Right now of course we only have a few tutorials, but we strive to add new material very regularly. In the pixel art category we’ll be starting with the creation of a sprite from start to finish, for general skills the fundamentals will be looked at in detail, and in the category ‘other’ we’ve got at least one in-depth tutorial about some aspects of Photoshop’s pen tool planned, amongst other things.

And that, of course, is only the beginning! As PixelSensei always says: “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” We’ve got a lot to write about so keep returning regularly for updates. Every new tutorial and blog post will be tweeted about of course, and we recommend you follow our facebook page for additional interesting things.

Here on the blog we’ll have regular artist highlights, reviews, and much more!

Since we’re doing this for you, we want to know what you’d like to see. Are there any subjects you want a tutorial about? Any artists you’d like us to highlight? Anything else you want to share with us? Leave a comment below, or use the form on the contact us page.

We’re looking forward to our journey together on the Path of the Pixel! And in the wise words of PixelSensei: “The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step.” Not sure what your first step should be? We recommend our article ‘what you should know before you learn how to draw‘!

About RhynnSensei

Rhynn picked up the pencil as soon as she was physically able to, and never put it down again. She currently focuses on pixel art, but is trying to brush up on her digital painting skills and general art skills at the same time. A fan of fantasy, her work is likely to feature lots of dragons.
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