Launch time!

After a few weeks of hard work, Path of the Pixel has finally launched! Right now of course we only have a few tutorials, but we strive to add new material very regularly. In the pixel art category we’ll be starting with the creation of a sprite from start to finish, for general skills the fundamentals will be looked at in detail, and in the category ‘other’ we’ve got at least one in-depth tutorial about some aspects of Photoshop’s pen tool planned, amongst other things. And that, of course, is only the beginning! As PixelSensei always says: “The man who moves a … Continue reading

Path of the Pixel Blog

Welcome to the Path of the Pixel blog! On here you will find lots of (hopefully) interesting articles about anything to do with art. We’ll be posting reviews of useful art-related stuff, videos we’ve found, we’ll be putting artists in the spotlight, and more. Pretty much anything we want to share with you which isn’t a tutorial. And if there’s anything you want to share with us, you can! Use our contact form to let us know about it. We will of course credit you for the contribution (unless you don’t want us to, naturally). Are you a complete beginner in art? … Continue reading