Drawing the Line: the Sprite Outlines

You know about the basics, checked out the first steps, and prepared a sketch to work from. In other words, you’re ready to start putting down your first actual pixels! We’re going to get started with the sprite outlines. First we’re going to have a look at the basics of pixel lines, and then we’ll apply what we’ve learned to the sketch we prepared in the previous lesson! Straight lines Let’s revisit the definition of pixel art for a moment: an artwork in which every single pixel was placed with an express purpose in mind. Knowing that, it follows that making … Continue reading

Learning Pixel Art: First Steps

If you’re learning pixel art, there are some things you need to know first. We’ve already looked at the history of pixel art and what it actually is in a previous article. Now we’re going to have a look at some more general knowledge about pixel art, and what you already need to know and be able to do. Pixel art’s easy, right? Well – yes and no. It’s pretty easy to get started with, since the software needed for it can be extremely easy to work with and acquire; Microsoft Paint is perfect for beginners. But it’s a common … Continue reading

From Sketch to Sprite: Preparing a Sketch for Spriting

You’ve learned the basics and had a look at the first steps. Now it’s time to learn about making your own. For me, a sprite nearly always starts with a sketch. It’s entirely possible to just start spriting without first making a sketch to work off of, but in my opinion, you can never go wrong with laying down your foundation first. But how do you go about preparing a sketch, whether it’s scanned or drawn digitally, for spriting? Sketching Preparing a sketch for spriting actually already starts while you’re sketching. It’s very important to keep your final product in mind: picture … Continue reading

Mastering the Photoshop Pen Tool

Adobe Photoshop’s pen tool is incredibly versatile, but difficult to master. It’s perfect for creating smooth shapes- any shape, whatever you can imagine! The pen tool can not only create new shapes; it can make very smooth lines, make very clean selections… the list goes on. The functionality has expanded with new versions of Photoshop, too. The pen tool does all of this with vector paths (for an explanation of vectors, have a look at our vector vs raster tutorial). Paths are, simply said, guidelines which the program can follow to do certain things such as making a selection or … Continue reading

Vector vs Raster images

If you want to make digital art, it’s good to be aware of vectors and rasters (sometimes called bitmaps). But what are they? In short, they determine how your image is built up. See it as one building made of concrete, and another made of bricks. This probably hasn’t really explained yet what they are, so let’s have a closer look at each. Raster/Bitmap A raster image is made up of pixels. Zoomed out it looks like a smooth image, but if you zoom in really closely on a raster image, you’ll see a grid (or, raster) composed of pixels. … Continue reading

What you should know before you learn how to draw

Before learning featured image

So, you want to learn how to draw? Congratulations, you’ve taken your first step on the path of an artist. Before learning how to draw While some artist may have consistently been working on their skills from the moment they could hold a pencil as a child, for many this is not the case at all. For most people, drawing was simply something they made you do at school, or which you sometimes did with parents or relatives to keep you busy. But now you’re here, so you probably want to get better at it. Right now you probably feel … Continue reading

Pixel Art Tutorial: The Basics of Pixel Art

So, you want to learn about pixel art? You’ve come to the right place! In this pixel art tutorial I’m going to teach you about pixel art. We won’t be actually doing any of it yet, but if you want to get started in pixel art I highly recommend you to read through this first, since we’ll look at some very important basics. What basics, you ask? Let’s have a quick look: What is pixel art? What types of pixel art are there? What do I need to make pixel art? Any general info about pixel art I should be aware of? … Continue reading