Rhynn picked up the pencil as soon as she was physically able to, and never put it down again. She currently focuses on pixel art, but is trying to brush up on her digital painting skills and general art skills at the same time. In her daily life, she's a canal boat skipper in Amsterdam.

The Basics of Pixel Art: What is Pixel Art?

In this series of articles, we look at the very basics of pixel art; things you should know before jumping in. Want to just go ahead and jump in anyways? Have a look at our series of tutorials, but be aware you’re missing out on some important knowledge. This series consists of four articles: What is Pixel Art (this article) Tools Saving Limitations What is a pixel? Unless you’re reading this as a printout, you’re looking at pixels right now. Your screen is made up of tiny little dots: pixels. A pixel is the smallest possible dot a screen can… Continue reading